Nigerian singer Davido on “Tshwala Bam” remix

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Davido, an artist from Nigeria, hops on the Tshwala Bam remix.

Millions of people have listened to TitoM’s Yuppe, a South African Amapiano song featuring EeQue and S.N.E. on different streaming platforms, and both domestic and foreign celebrities have participated in the dance challenge.

Social media users posted a video of the Nigerian celebrity grooving to the Yano song remix teaser.

Davido looked happy to hear the remix as it was unveiled at the celebration.

Nigerian singers have previously capitalized on SA amapiano tracks.

Tshwala Bam Remix, Jerusalema Remix, Ke Star Remix…” Why do they always feel the need to latch onto already popular South African music and then claim to have made it famous? If riding wave were a country, it would be Nigeria. A social media user responded to the preview by saying, “Ai mara fede.”

It resembles remixing Sister Betina Burna Boy’s destroyed Jerusalem.Could David not sabotage this one as well? wrote another.

It’s not particularly audible, so I haven’t formed an opinion on the song yet. However, I must praise Davido for expanding his musical influence throughout the world. He has range and is really in touch, ranging from Chris Brown to Musa Keys and Nasty C. Mtanga Pamela wrote.

“People are worrying about how Davido is going to damage the song, but they’re forgetting how much our musicians benefited from his participation in SA songs. See what transpired with Davido’s collaboration with Foca, Musa, and other individuals. Another remark says, “Let the remix open doors for our kids, but don’t play it if you hate it.”

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